This blog is to document my learning and experience on how best to operate on various cloud platforms (particularly AWS and GCP). It will also include snippets of code, math and other cool things I come across. It is a work in progress, but if you find something totally broken, please send me a note.

Nick Brandaleone nbrand@mac.com

PS. All opinions are my own.


Nick is a principal Cloud Architect specializing in Application Modernization, DevOps and Containers/Kubernetes. He has over 20 years of experience helping companies in Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare and Consumer Products industries to move fast and innovate while staying secure. He is currently working with enterprise technology executives across New England to incorporate Cloud and DevOps Agility into their innovation processes.

Nick is often found speaking at Summits, Meet-Ups or CTO roundtables. Nick holds all 9 AWS certifications and 2 GCP certs.