Announcing my new blog

Publish date: Tue, Dec 22, 2020

Hello GCP!

Hi everyone!

Due to COVID and other distractions, I have not blogged in months. I am about to change that, and like many others, put energy into making 2021 a much better year than 2020.

I have recently accepted a position to work at Google Cloud Platform (GCP), after nearly five years at Amazon Web Services (AWS). I am so excited to work on a new platform, particularly one as sophisticated as GCP.

This also means that I will be slowly shutting down my old blog in order to spend more time on this one. This blog will be generated using Hugo, and hosted on GCP. I will migrate my old content here over time, so nothing will be lost.

I hope to document my GCP learningse and more interesting customer issues here. As I am new to GCP, I imagine many of my discoveries will be “old hat” to most. Still, I think that my experience at AWS and at GCP will allow me to make interesting comparisons between the platforms regardless.

Here’s looking towards a better 2021 for all of us!