Running Hugo in the Cloud

Publish date: Wed, Dec 23, 2020

Jekyll or Hugo

Let’s face it, Hugo is where all the cools kids are. My old blog worked just fine, and Jekyll is really a wonderful static site generator. That beind said, Hugo is faster. Also, being written in GO allows for cleaner package management and improved portability.

Running Hugo on the Cloud

My old blog ran out of a S3 bucket as a static web site, because it was inexpensive and easy to set up. I just did the same thing on GCP. However, this might not be my long term architecture since GCP also requires a Cloud Load Balancer to redirect traffic to the bucket. Load Balancers are expensive, and I do not really want to shell out more than $5/month for this blog. I am going to look into Cloud Run in the future, since as a serverless/container platform it has the potential to be much less expensive.

Guides to running Hugo on AWS and GCP