Publish date: Thu, Jan 7, 2021

Why use GCP?

I am often asked why use one cloud provider over another. What are the fundamental differences? I think that the following quote from a well known Developer Advocate (Microsoft no less!) really helps to answer that question.

Google is such a developer-focused cloud. You code everything first, and then the tools come later, if ever. Even though their cloud is really powerful and really scalable, that’s just not the paradigm. Whereas AWS is a DevOps cloud, and I think that’s been one of the drivers of their success, around data in particular, because the network admins and DBAs have more references.

– Lynn Langit

However, I think that might be the wrong question. Going forward, Enterprises will be using AWS and GCP (and other cloud providers) in some sort of multi-cloud or hybrid solution. As good as any of these providers are, it seems somewhat short-sighted to put all your assets on one platform. Clearly, Docker and Kubernetes, which allows for code portability will enable this business requirement.